Ladies  Conditions  of  Play


Open to all financial members of the Beaudesert Ladies Bowls Club

  • Open singles – first to 25
  • Open pairs – 21 ends
  • Open triples – 25 ends – 2 bowls
  • Open fours – 21 ends
  • B Grade singles – first to 25
  • B Grade pairs – 21 ends – 3 bowls
  • Consistency singles – 25 ends
  • Veterans singles (over 70) – 21 ends
  • Club selected fours – 21 ends



  1. Executive committee to deal with all urgent matters that can’t be deferred to next meeting.
  2. Playing day – competitions may be played on any day and must be confirmed with the greenkeeper and games director. Names to be placed on outside board.
  3. Games to be played in accordance with “Laws of the Sport of Bowls” – Australia.
  4. Play commences at a time previously agreed on by both teams. If 30 minutes has passed after the scheduled start for the game and one of more players are absent from a team, the defaulting team will forfeit the game.
  5. Controlling body for all competitions consists of a minimum of three (3) people including the president, secretary and games director or umpire of the day.
  6. Competitions will be called in blocks and will be played as such. Any changes to the block will be at the discretion of the games director.
  7. A game must be played by the due date. Players who cannot play by the date must either substitute or forfeit.  If both players/sides fail to play by the due date a double forfeit will apply.
  8. Competition draws will be done by the controlling body – a minimum of three (3) immediately after the closing date.
  9. Finals to be played on a Thursday if possible.
  10. Competition results will be displayed on the completion board and if possible in the Beaudesert Times.
  11. Mobile phones and other electronic equipment are not allowed within a minimum of six (6) metres of the game in progress.
  12. In the case of a bereavement or serious family crisis or in extraordinary circumstances two (2) weeks will be allowed or longer at the discretion of the controlling body.
  13. Players can approach the umpire or the controlling body if the weather is too hot to play.
  14. No competitions to be played on special or sponsored days.
  15. There must be at least 8 teams or players for competition to be played.
  16. B Grade eligibility returns 8 years after winning Open Singles or Open Pairs and 5 years after winning B Grade Singles or B Grade Pairs.
  17. Plate competition – Open to losers from 1st round of Open singles – first to 25.