Bowls events – Jackpot pairs


When: Last Tuesday of the Month – (Check the website Calendar for the next game (it’s in the drop down menu under the “Bowls Events” heading.)
Time: 9.30 am start
Cost: $10.00 per player
Game: Usually 2 x 18 ends
Availability: Place your name on Game sheet (as a Spare) or pick your own partner
Raffle Ticket: 1 Free ticket given to each player
Dress: Mufti

When one of the greens is out for maintenance this event becomes Triples (or even a Fours team) to cater for all comers.

First game decides WINNERS or LOSERS

Sandwiches provided after First game

The Raffle is drawn while eating 1st number drawn Decides the Winner of the Raffle
2nd number drawn Decides how much cash the Winner receives
For the 2nd Game: Winners of the 1st game pick a card (decides the rink and opponent) from the Winners side of the table
Losers of the 1st game pick a card (decides the rink and opponent) from the Losers side of the table

If there is a Draw in the 2nd game a Count Back will decide if a Winner or Loser

The highest winning score wins in both Winners and Losers games

Winner of Winners pays $30 to each team member

Winner of Losers pays $20 to each team member


JACKPOT DRAW – available to all teams (based on 2nd game only)


1 – 29


31 – 59

Winner’s Margin


Loser’s Margin

If not won, the jackpot is increased, and is available for the following month’s game.